Welcome to the Web 2.0 Canadian Leadership Series

The Web 2.0 Canadian Leadership Series has been organized by Research Capital, Helix Commerce International Inc, and sponsored by Igloo to bring together Canadian Web 2.0 Leaders in diverse innovation areas, including: Collaboration, Virtual Worlds, Online Gaming, Social Networking, Mobile Social Computing, and Social Mediated Referrals.

The goals of this innovation series are to:

  1. Bring together Web 2.0 Innovation Leaders with Private Equity, Venture Capital, Thought Leaders, and Companies learning and experimenting with Web 2.0 to develop a stronger venture cluster in Canada;
  2. Profile Web 2.0 Innovation Leaders that Research Capital, and Helix Commerce International Inc. believe have tremendous growth potential; and
  3. Stimulate stronger relationships and ecosystem networks to support current Web 2.0 innovations, but also help to shore up increased interest in this market segment to accelerate innovation growth in Canada.

Seminar Series Format

Initially, we will run eight to ten luncheon series, and conclude with an annual Web 2.0 Conference in June, 2009. We will also start to provide industry analyst points of views on a regular basis on our Web 2.0 blog site covered by David Shore, SVP and Head of Technology Research, Research Capital, and Dr. Cindy Gordon, CEO Helix Commerce.

In 2009, we will co-author a research report on the Web 2.0 Canadian market to support the financial private equity and investor community knowledge of the strengths of Canadian early stage companies, balanced with those who are publically traded. This community will be an open and transparent collaborating global community to engage to discuss what it takes to win in a global marketplace. Canada has a rich heritage of successful innovations; web 2.0 provides new opportunities for Canadians to successfully bring to the global stage.

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Seminar 3: Social Media Giants and Canadian Upstarts

MySpace GM Canada, Nexopio, CEO, Bitcasters CEO, Google GM Canada

Date: November 27th

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